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In this joyful time of the year, I am very pleased to express my warmest wishes for each and every one of you. I am delighted that we have new members in AIDE this year. New members always bring new ideas and fresh approaches that help AIDE to remain dynamic for which we are grateful!

AIDE has not been only a fundraising organization but also a platform that offers friendship, sharing and motivation to its members while working towards this end. I want to thank all of you for your participation and support.

In September, after overcoming the summer laziness we began to plan the AIDE events for the new season. Visiting the Alzheimer Centre of Reina Sofia Foundation, getting more information on the disease and recognizing that there is still much need for further scientific studies gave us the motivation to work for our aim.

We have also enjoyed and learned a lot from the cultural events; were thrilled by the attractive designs of Jesus del Pozo; tasted delicious food from a variety of cuisines; visited Sigüenza, a charming medieval city and had fun in the Farewell to 2016 event.

I am happy to announce that our main event for 2017 will be a ‘Gala Dinner’ at the Villa Magna Hotel on 27th April 2017. I am sure we will continue to enjoy our time as much as we can in this magnificent country, Spain.

Now, as we are approaching the New Year it’s time to rest and spend time with our beloved ones. May you have a bright and prosperous 2017, a year filled with good blessings! Happy New Year!

Meltem Önhon

AIDE President

Spouse of the Turkish Ambassador

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